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"...bent, but not broken."

               16,000,000  million
         16,000,000,000  billion
 16,000,000,000,000  trillion
Our great nation is in a fight for her life.  We are on a collision course with socialism, 
driven by an administration whose ideals and actions won't have it any other way.
The lead vehicle is Obamacare.  
The backseat driver is an enormous system of entitlements.
We must, must become educated and involved!!!

Our founding principles are the only philosophy that espouse free-markets, personal responsibility, smaller government 
and a level of freedom and potential for success known 
only in America.

These ideals are seriously threatened by Obamacare.  In addition to advancing a complex, bewildering system of health care, other hidden rules and regulations form a dangerous level
 of government oversight and intrusion into our lives.  
All of this is examined in detail on the "Obamacare" page.

Furthermore, Entitlements have reached dangerous proportions.  Reforms are critical.
Look for discussions throughout the site.

Obamacare must, must be repealed!!!
Entitlements must, must be reformed!!!

Let's talk. Let's all talk.  

What do you think?
Please post your questions, ideas, comments, criticisms below.  
The debate is wide open.

     Our mission is to offer avenues of education
          ***education is the means to successfully affect change

               Our intent is to outline the issues from a Constitutional standpoint
                    ***education is the means to successfully affect change

                         Our hope is to help return America to her former greatness
                              ***education is the means to successfully affect change

                                   Our dream is to open the door to even bigger and better opportunities!!!