"...bent, but not broken."
 Oftentimes, it is difficult, if not impossible, to get out of the house to attend meetings. But there are still very important  and inclusive ways to participate and contribute.  Today's technology jumps ahead daily, it seems. 
 Consider these options:
  • Conference calls, where all people are able to hear, as well as speak, but only a limited number of people can be on the call;
  • Conference calls, where a large number of people can hear, but only a small number of questions can be taken from the audience.  This is an exciting option since so many people can be included in the same, real-time conversation;
  • Events can be viewed as they are streamed through a particular website over the Internet;
  • Streamed events can also be viewed over your television, if your technical knowledge and equipment allow; 
  • Skype, one-on-one, face-to-face anywhere in the world is free.
Sometimes, when a special vote is pending, you will be asked to contact your Congressperson.  The newsletters and media will keep you informed as to when this contact is necessary. 
Get to know your Congresspeople and their aides. Contact with your Congresspeople sends a very powerful message that you care about what is going on in our country.  All contact is effective and necessary, but some methods more than others.

  • Visiting the office gets the most attention.
  • Next, a phone call.
  • A handwritten letter.
  • A fax.
  • A form letter.
  • A signature on a petition
  • BUT

Just a thought...  The operative word here is CONTACT.  Any form of contact is productive and important.  Do the best you can as far as the method of contact and know that you've been a part of the process and made a difference!!! 
***register to vote***

 One of the very most important ways you can participate is to vote.
 Absentee voter ballots are available for all elections.

 Visit your State website's election page for complete information.
Subscribe to newsletters so you can stay up-to-date on current topics:    www.teapartypatriots.org

 Try these for a start.   There are literally thousands to choose from.
Find organizations you like and trust. 
 If you prefer audio delivery of essays and opinions:
Some of the popular Conservative hosts are:
Glenn Beck  www.glennbeck.com
Mark Levin  www.marklevinshow.com
Rush Limbaugh  www.rushlimbaugh.com
Sean Hannity  www.hannity.com
There are many, many hosts to choose from.  
Internet radio offers the option to listen to talk radio in any city
or with any host.
Find someone you like and trust​.
Fox News Channel offers Conservative reporting
with some Liberal rebuttal.
Library of Congress  thomas.loc.gov
Directory of Conservative websites conservativecoalition.homestead.com
Congressional Committees  www.govtrack.us/congress/committees/
Research Congress  www.congress.org
                                VERY HELPFUL TO KNOW!!!
  • Each person has three Senators and two Representatives.
  • One is a state Senator.  The other two, United States Senators.
  • One is a state Representative (or Congressperson).  The other is a United States Representative (or Congressperson)
  • Contact your state Senator for "state" concerns.  Contact your US Senators on matters concerning "state" issues as well as "national" concerns.
  • The same is true for the state Representative and the US Representive.
          Understanding this will make it easier to know who to contact when the need to contact arises.
Find your Senators, Congresspeople.  
Write to the White House.  
And much more.
  Reform ideas for consideration:
  • ADDRESS FRAUD:  March 14, 2011, “Earlier this month, I held a hearing examining waste, fraud, and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid programs,” stated Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL), Chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee for the Energy and Commerce Committee. “Although some estimates for the cost of fraud in just Medicare ran from $60 billion to $90 billion a year, I wanted to hear the estimate from the witness from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Mr. John Spiegel, Director of Medicare Program Integrity for CMS, could offer no figure. It is very unsettling that the Administration is unable to estimate the amount of fraud in a $600-billion program. How can we take effective steps in eliminating fraud when we don’t know the extent of the problem?”  This says  forcefully that this is a good place to start.  For the most part, almost any attempt at reform here should bear fruit.
  • TORT REFORM:  (Thanks CW!)  Critical to any meaningful reform.  Malpractice insurance and inappropriate lawsuit awards add enormous costs to healthcare.  With reform, the CBO estimates a savings of $50 billion over 10 years. 
  • "HEALTH CARE COMPACT":  Use the Tea Party Patriots' (www.teapartypatriots.org) plan, or something similar,  to move entitlement programs to the state level.  State and local governments will be better able to distribute funds to fit their needs.
  • MUST BE A U.S. CITIZEN:  We spend billions of dollars each year treating people who are in the US illegally. 
  • STREAMLINE PROCESSING STRUCTURE:  Work to eliminate duplicate steps along the processing route.  Very often, more than one person along the way, repeats what someone else has already done.
  • RECOGNIZE CAREGIVERS:  The statistics as to the contribution of caregivers are surprising.  Let's use them effectively.
  • SLIDING SCALE:  There are situations where income is high enough that Social Security benefits are not needed.  
  • DELAY NURSING HOME PLACEMENT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE:  expand home health care allotments to use those services longer.
  • EFFICIENT???   
 Our strongest need for becoming a voice to be heard, is to be able to contribute to the entitlement reform debate. Before we can do that, though, we need to organize our separate voices and educate ourselves in the way our country works.  We need to know what needs to be changed and how to do it.  Get right back to the basics.  The very basics.  
  • Parents, be sure the kids know what a great nation we lIve in.  They should know how "American exceptionalism" made America the greatest nation ever.  Noah Webster (of dictionary fame, 1788) on the education of youth in America said, "Every child in America should be acquainted with his own country. He should read books that furnish him with ideas that will be useful to him in life and practice. As soon as he opens his lips, he should rehearse the history of his own country."  
  • Read the  Constitution.  If you read it in school, read it again.  And make sure to include the Bill of Rights and the other founding documents.   The Internet offers a wealth of information to expand your knowledge about our country's founding history.   And you don't need wealth to access this gold mine.
                ~~Hillsdale College, Imprimis, www.hillsdale.edu
                ~~All of the e-readers (Kindle, Barnes & Noble, etc, etc) allow 
                     access to all the founding documents, all free
                ~~National Center for Constitutional Studies, www.nccs.net
                ~~Wallbuilders, David Barton, www.wallbuilders.com
                ~~Black Robe Regiment, David Barton, brr.wallbuilders.com

If you don't think you can make a difference because you're only one person, take a look around!
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An issue gaining momentum within advocacy groups, is that involving so-called "smart meters".  These, in a short introduction, are electrical meters mounted on the outside of your home to read your usage amount.  The problem is that you won't, in most cases, be notified that this new meter is being installed.  Further, there is medical evidence that the electromagnetic waves potentially have adverse health effects.  
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