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"...bent, but not broken."
Please!  Write!  You have a lot to say.  From a special place.  Most people don't see the world from a disabled point of view.  We need to explain it to them.  How many difficulties arise because people don't understand?  With a gentle spirit, let us become teachers.

Any additions are welcome ~ from anyone ~ from how to improve the site to why you agree or disagree with the issues of the day. 

Please!  Write!  Friends, family, care-givers let us know your thoughts and ideas and points of view, too. You are a fundamental part of this discussion.  With a gentle spirit, let us become students.        
May GOD richly bless America ! ! ! 

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‎"If ever time should come,
when vain and aspiring men shall possess
the highest seats in Government, 
our country will stand in need
of its experienced patriots
to prevent its ruin." 
                                   -Samuel Adams

That time has come.
We must join together.
We have work to do.
Our Republic needs us!

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We have serious problems in our country,
  • run-away debt that is setting land-speed records, 
  • unacceptably high unemployment,
  • a sluggish economy, so manipulated in years past that it barely resembles a free market system,
  • a decimated housing market,
  • fill in your blanks.

These are not just inconvenient. They are lethal to the very existence of America. The re-election of Barack Obama, cements a system of governance that is intrusive, unfettered by Constitutional guidelines and devalues freedom and American exceptionalism. It is critical that you become engaged in the news of the day, find your voice and join the discussion.  YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!

The DCC has many issues to discuss.
Other pages on this site present some. 
Please join us.  
There is much work to be done.  
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